8 Important Climbing Terms

Author: Shivki

Ice Climbing Ice Axe pictureOne of the most enjoyed sports by people is rock climbing, I would like to cover several rock climbing important terms in this article.

Rock climbing terms are used to refer to particular equipment and techniques and knowledge is essential for communication. You will find here many useful tips regarding this terms

A Belaying one of the most basic terms refers to a method of securing the climber by doing a simple move of passing ropes around the anchor point. The Anchor point can be an climber or an object.

Sometimes belay used to announce that a climber using some rope while belay off can indicate that the climb is over.

An abseil or rappel is the process by which climber descends down a variety of ropes.

Bouldering is actually a big rock climbing without any climbing equipment and guarded by additional person from falling.

Chimney technique is when two pieces of rock face one to each other and the person climbs between them supporting each other in order to climb upwards the the "Chimney".

are devices that connected to the boots in order to have the option of climbing on ice.

An ice axe is another term in ice climbing its a multi-purpose snow/ice tool that used by The Climber for different purposes during the climb. There are several grips for holding the axe and its depending on piece of ground or ice encountered.

Free climbing is when a climber attempts their climb with no safety equipment. This can often be dangerous, but many climbers prefer to ascend rocks with no ropes in their way.

The edge is the end of the rope and it's used by the leader in order to connected it to safety spots.

There are also different rope techniques, and they're named after the number of ropes that are used during the climb. A single rope technique relies on a safety rope that is attached to a single anchor point. A double rope technique involved two ropes that are affixed to a common belay point.

A few rock climbing terms are essential for interaction in this risky sport, and some of the most common terms have been listed and described in detail for climbers to use during their next outing.

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