A Look at Some of the Most Used Rock Climbing Knots

Author: Muna wa Wanjiru

Ice ClimbingKnot Picture The Rope is a main tool in Climbing. Some of the important rock climbing knots is given below;

The Alpine Butterfly is considered to be one of the ideal and most secure safe Single Loop Knots that can be tied in the middle of a rope when you don't have access to the ends.

The Bowline knot is known as the King of Knots and it is used all around the world in one form or another. For a rock climber it is necessary, to know how to make this knot.

The Figure Eight Loop knot is generally considered to be 10-15 percent stronger than the basic Bowline knot that is one of the important rock climbing knots. This loop is very easy to remember that one can learn this very easily. It is also very important for rock climbing.

Another knot that is commonly referred to as bunny ears is the Double

Figure Eight Loop knot. This knot is very safe and secure and is tied in order to effectively balance the weight on the anchors.

Double Alpine Butterfly is the one that is used to make two loops in the middle of a rope and you do not have access to the two ends of it to tie a Double Alpine Butterfly Knot.

Prusik Knot is one among the hitches available. Tying a Prusik Knot will enable you to raise a rope or drag up load.

The Clove Hitch is a very popular Hitch that is easy to tie, and is one of the most commonly used rock climbing knots which is necessary for both summer and winter climbing.

The Italian Hitch is one of the extremely useful and easy rock climbing knots as it can be used for some jobs like Belaying, Abseiling, and rigging.

Overhand Knot is a well-known Stopper Knot. This is an elementary knot that is the basis of other important knots. It is commonly tied at the end of the rope or line.

Double Overhand Knot is also a kind of stopper knot. This is because it is harder to untie and it is very firm that it will not be easily slipped which is another of the important rock climbing knots.

Figure Eight Knot
If you need to learn one knot, then it should be the Figure of Eight knot. There are generally two methods to use the Figure of Eight Knot

Water Knot is a kind of Bends that is one of the commonly used rock climbing knots. The Water Knot is used for connecting the ends of a webbing waistline or a sling. It is also well known as Ring Bend or Tape Knot.

Fisherman's Knot is also a king of bend very often used has it has a wider application.
The Fisherman's Knot is commonly used to tie 2 ropes or lines with roughly the same diameter such as Fishing Lines, hence the name.

Double Fisherman's Knot is similar to Fisherman's Knot except for few changes. As the name suggests, the Double Fisherman's is generally used to tie two Fisherman's Knots. This is commonly used to join the ends of two ropes of different diameters.

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