Choosing the Right Mountain Climbing Gear

Author: T. loveley

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Since rock climbing is more than a simple walk in the woods you will want to bring the proper mountain climbing equipment. With the right equipment you can weather the challenges.

To help you select the proper gear we have compiled a list of must have gear;

Climbing Rope

Your rope is indispensable. You simply cannot be without a rope. It is your security device against falls. Select a rope with a diameter of ten to twelve millimetres and a length of fifty to sixty meters long.

Climbing Harness

When rock climbing the harness you wear will keep you tied to the rope. The harness attaches to the rope and provides safety from falls.

With the rope the harness is arguably the most important safety item you want. There is little worse than a harness that does not fit your body correctly. Your harness must be comfortable at both your thigh and waist areas.

Chalk and Chalk Bag

Chalk is used to keep your hands dry and able to grip the rocks or rope firmly. Chalk comes in a ball or powder and is rubbed on your hands to absorb excess moisture.
Your chalk bag needs to be able to be attached to your harness for easy access when you need it. Both chalk and a good chalk bag are available at most sports or specialty stores.

Climbing Shoes

Everyday sports shoes or boots will do you no good when you are rock climbing. Specialty boots are crafted to give the best performance while negotiating the slopes. You want a snug but comfortable fit that allows your foot to move.
Protective Helmet
Mountain climbing has several inherent dangers. One very common danger is falling debris. You never know when someone above you will loosen rock or drop equipment. Keep your experience happy, pick a good fitting properly certified helmet. A good helmet will provide protection when you bump your head against a rock or wall too.


A solid carabineer will add additional protection from any slip. It should also be durable and tough for the most extreme trashing.
With the right equipment mountain climbing can be both fun and safe. The above tips will help you select the best mountain climbing gear for you and ensure you enjoy your rock climbing adventures.

The Sport of Mountain/Rock Climbing

Some people are always trying to reach the top, figuratively and literally. When it comes to rock climbers this is even more true. Climbers want to reach the top of the high summits and gaze out at the wonderful sight only a view from there can offer.

Our busy city lifestyles keep us cooped up in offices much of the time. Which is probably a lot of the draw that mountain climbing has, breaking free to the outdoors and nature.
The physical challenges of rock climbing, navigating the trails to reach the peak, can help refresh our mind and spirit too. There is nothing more refreshing than attaining our highest goal of the moment.
Rock climbing, mountaineering, or mountain climbing; whatever you call it, has been a popular outdoor activity for decades.

Most of the time it was simply a hike in the mountains. Today it has evolved into taking on different combinations of snow, ice, mountains or rocks combined with camping and rappelling.
But the combination doesn't matter much, the common goal is to reach the top. Every effort will be aimed at reaching the peak. So, a lot of people feel the call to the rock climbing challenge. They are drawn to the many adventures they can enjoy.

There are still many people who do not give into the challenge call. For them the idea scares them, they may not have the right skills or them might not be good enough to survive if something happened. Anyone who is interested in mountaineering or mountain climbing can learn. Remember that it takes time, effort and consideration.
Next, to make the mountaineering experience positively memorable is to, be sure the proper equipment and safety gear is available. Plan for the worst and you will be ready for possible accidents.

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Greg Trussler has been into Mountain Climbing for year and has experienced every struggles and fulfillment on mountaing climbing adventures. This website "Mountain Climbers Gear" is for educating the public at large and to impart his knowledge about useful climbing gears. Be sure to open his website for more free tips and advice.

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