Crevasse Rescue

Author: M Wilkinson and Mountaineering Council of Scotland

Ice Climbing Crevasse Rescue PictureOnce you make a move from winter climbing the UK to full blown Alpine adventures, you need to learn the skills and purchase the gear to perform a crevasse rescue, both

as the rescuer and unfortunate victim.

The nature of Alpine climbing and Ice Climbing involves movement over glaciers, and this will bring you into direct contact with crevasses. Avoiding falling into one in the first place is the best practice and you can do this by using a few tricks such as taking care when moving over ground covered with new snow, using walking poles to probe the ground ahead, being aware of crevasses on up to date maps and being aware of the surrounding climate when crossing snow and ice bridges.

However, you can take all these precautions and still end up inside a crevasse, so what should you do? Well check out the video below for some great instructions on what to do.

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