Ice Climbing Knots - The Clove Hitch

Author: M Wilkinson , Mike Barter and Sparticas37

Ice Climbing Clove Hitch When Ice Climbing, or any other type of climbing for that matter (apart from free soloing as there is no rope!) the clove hitch is the daddy of knots. After learning the figure of eight knot to tie into your harness with the rope, the clove hitch is the next knot to learn.

Its uses are many and it will allow you to adapt very quickly to a changing situation on the mountain.

If like me, you trad climb at a lot of single pitch crags where your anchor can be more then 10 meters away from the top of the crag, setting up a belay to bring up your second is a nightmare if you don't know how to tie a clove hitch to equalize the anchor off the rope.

Tying the clove hitch is relatively simple and once practiced a few hundred times will become second nature. It was originaly used in maritime practices but has since become the climbers best friend.

Please take a look at the videos below, the first being a practical instruction and the second being a hilarious look at the hitch form the ever popular Mike Barter. I would like to note that if using the clove hitch with a carabeener please place the load end of the rope towards the back bar of the biner as this is the strongest position.




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