Tying a Figure of Eight Knot for Climbing

Author: Stephen Koch and M Wilkinson

Ice Climbing Figure Eight KnotThe figure of eight knot is one of the most important knots used in climbing of all types. This knot is used to attached the climbing rope to your harness. There are other knots you can use to attach to the rope but the figure of eight is widely recognised as the safest and most reliable knot to use.

Tying this knot can be a bit tricky at first and will require some practice, but once learned you will have mastered the skill and will be able to tie one of the most useful knots used in climbing. As an amendum, its is recommended to tie a stopper knot after tying the figure eight to completely secure your tie in to the harness and some climbing walls may require that you always use the stopper knot as an extra safety precaution.

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