Tying a Prusik Knot and Double Fisherman's

Author: Mike Barter and M Wilkinson

Ice Climbing Prusik KnotPrusik knots are an Ice Climbers and Mountaineers best friend. The knot is not commonly used in rock climbing and is normally only used in special circumstances, but, has many uses.

The main application of the prusik is to add an extra level of safety and control to an abseil / rappel. The prusik will basically allow you to sit on a rope and remove your hands from the abseil device with out the rope running through. This may not sound a lot but if you need to remove gear from a climb or help and injured climber the prusik is invaluable. It also allows for a much safer absiel decent as it will catch you if you become unable to control the decent with your rappel device.

The knot is constructed from a ready made loop which requires you to know how to tie a double fisherman's knot. The two videos below will explain both the prusik and the double fishemans knots.

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