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When going climbing, it is vital that you have the right gear. Whether ice climbing, mountain climbing, or simply climbing a wall for the fun of it, you are going to be putting yourself in harm's way. Even the most experienced climbers have slipped and fallen to their deaths, which is why having the right gear is vital. While your climbing harness is the most important piece of gear to use, there are a number of other vital pieces of gear that will save your life.

Aside from your climbing harness, the climbing shoes that you use are the most important piece of climbing gear. The shoes you wear give you grip on the rock that you are climbing, which will enable you to cling to the mountain or cliff face. Without shoes and a climbing harness, you are guaranteed to have a much more difficult climbing keeping yourself on the rock face.

The rope that you use is also important. The average climbing rope can be used with carabiners, camming devices like a Petzl Grillon, and is

threaded through your climbing harness to give you protection while you are climbing. Without a sturdy rope, you are guaranteed to have a long fall to the bottom of a cliff face.

The carabiners that you use are incredibly important as well. The carabiners attach everything, and connect the rope to your harness, the rope to the belaying device, and the Petzl Grillon and other cams to your harness as well. Carabiners are the lynch pin in your climbing gear, and it is vital that you have carabiners that are well made. Quality carabiners can hold up to two tons of weight.

Webbing is often used with the climbing harness and other gear. It is like long strips of fairly flexible material, and it can be used to make a quick sling or harness. It will not, however, catch you if you are falling.

Belaying devices are used to help climbers keep each other safe while climbing. A belaying device is used to catch the rope when the person is falling, and it automatically stops the rope from being played out if there is a quick jerk on the end. This makes it much easier for climbers to keep each other safe, as the belaying device takes all of the pressure off the person who is controlling the rope.

Cams are often used to add extra grip on a rock face, due to the fact that they basically grip the rock face using pressure. Cams are also used in other harness and safety devices, such as a Petzl Grillon that is used in safety harnesses. Cams also allow extra grip on the rope, and you can be certain that you won't slip when using a cam.

These are the different pieces of equipment that will save your life when you are climbing. Take good care of your gear, as it will save your life.

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