Lets face it, who doesn't like Climbing Accessories? when all the important gear has been paid for and used and you still have some spare cash floating around then those limited edition grivel hand warmer covers seem a lot more appealing don't they?

What is important about climbing? getting outdoors and active, living an actual adventure, and having some cool gear as well.

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This section of is dedicated to the cool gear that's out there, what you can get for you hard earned cash, what you can do with it and how it will improve you climbing cred!

Having effective gear is important, but for lots of people looking the part is as well. let you inner narcissist go wild with all the useless gear you don't need but must have!

Ice Climbing Bivi Bag in Snow

All About Bivi Bags


Having your own personal bivi bag stashed a the bottom of your pack is a great idea. In an emergency situation they can literally be a life saver. There are many different types on the market and they all do different things to certain levels so I'll look to shed a little light on them in this article. Firstly the cheap end of the [more]

Ice Climbing Harness Close Up

How to Buy a Climbing Harness


Mountain climbing and rock wall climbing can both be a lot of fun, but as with any extreme sport, safety is very important. As a climber, your ropes, carabineers and climbing harness must work together to ensure a safe climb. While ropes and carabineers are fairly interchangeable, climbing harnesses are [more]

Ice Climbing Base Camp Picture Yellow Tents

Things to Bring On a Climbing Trip


Rock climbing is an extreme sport that people do indoors and outdoors. On a basic climb the only things that would be required is a good pair of shoes, a fit body and a sound mind. All this can make the climbing experience worthwhile, but when going on a climbing trip it takes a bit more of effort. [more]

Ice Climbing Back Pack

How to Pack an Alpine and Ice Climbing Back Pack


So you have all your gear, much more than you'll ever actually need, and you cant fit it into your bag, uh oh! Well, I've been there and done that as many will testify too. You have two options, like I used to do in my novice days, you can hang gear all over the outside of your bag and end up looking [more]

Ice Climbing Rock Climbing Shoe

How to Buy a Climbing Shoe


Climbing shoes are an integral part of your climbing gear, whether you're going on a long mountain climb or training on an indoor climbing wall. However, there are differences between the type of shoe you need for each type of climbing, and for rock climbing you'll need to take your skill level into account. It's important [more]




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