Climbing Equipment, what to choose, how much and when to use, there's a lot to consider when it comes to equipment.

It s amine field and this section of looks to help you make the choice to get the right piece of gear for the right job. we know for a beginner the first trip to the climbing shop can seem daunting and even for experience climbers new kit can seem a bit strange. lets break it down into some nice articles to help you icy folks along.

Ice Climbing Equipment

Equipment is neccesery and essential to safety, and it also looks cool and makes climbing possible to there is allot to cover in this section, we will review all the essentials, what to buy to get started and how to use it, for even more lovely equipment, check out the Ice Climbing Gear section as well!

Ice Climbing Ice Axe Pick Close up

How to Sharpen Your Ice Axe


A lot of peeps who being there ice climbing career will believe that the pick of their ice axe will last forever, or at least long enough to allow you to save up enough money to buy a new pair. Ice Climbing in certain climates, and especially the climate in the UK, lead to quicker pick degradation than say, climbing on [more]

Ice Climbing Crampons Picture Close Up

Tips for Using Crampons


Using crampons when Ice Climbing or Mountaineering is a must. It's a skill you will have to master to get the most out of the sport and these useful bits of gear will make the impossible seem a lot more possible once strapped to your boots. If your new to using them however they can seem very daunting, frustrating hard to [more]

Ice Climbing Ice Climber on water ice route

Mountain Climbing Tools Are Your Lifeline


Mountain climbing tools are one of the most significant aspects of mountain climbing. It's important to have the correct equipment when you do this thrilling sport. But occasionally finding the right gear can be perplexing. Your mountain climbing gear should be sturdy and trustworthy and in order to have a safe... [more]

Ice Climbing Ice Climber on hard route

The differing types of climbing equipment


Guided climbing help strengthen the skills that the trainer teach & usually are done who've qualified team led with 2 otherwise more guides who climb with you constantly with a powerful staff in help. Guided climbing are usually the very first example otherwise practice of obtaining training on hiking. [more]

Ice Climbing Climbing boot with crampon

Walking and Outdoor Clothing Advice - Choosing and Using your Outdoor Gear!


Walking and Outdoor Clothing Advice: The Layering System When out walking, hiking, mountaineering, climbing or mountain biking etc. it is very important to wear clothing designed to protect you from the elements. Not only will correct clothing ensure that [more]

Ice Climbing Crampons and Boots close up picture

How to Put Crampons On


Crampons, I love crampons. In use for around 80 years now they revolutionised climbing in the 1920's and 1930's. These spiky platforms for your boots will allow you to grip on snow and ice at all angles and make climbing routes accessible for even the most novice climber. Around £100 will get you a great all round pair [more]

Ice Climbing How To Book Image

Ice and Mixed Climbing

The quintesential Guide to all things Ice and Mixed Climbing. If you only get one book on Ice Climbing, make it this one...

Ice Climbing Winter Skills book image

Winter Climbing Skills

This is a reference manual for mountaineers and those who wish to instruct, coach and lead others. We highly recomend this book...

Ice Climbing Lake District winter Climbs book image

Lake District Winter Climbs

This winter climbing guide in the Lake District is a joint production by the Fell and Rock Climbing Club and Cicerone Press. A must have...