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we all love climbing gear, its one of the perks of the sport. Yes it looks cool but it also plays an essential role in keeping use safe and alive.

Climbing Gear makes it possible for us to get up some of the hardest routes out there, so this section will fill you in on the how too's and why fore's in climbing gear.

Strap your crampons on!

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We will test, review and explain how to use all types of climbing gear, when to use it, and how to maintain it to get your moneys worth. From nuts on a wire, to an ablakov threader, we've got it covered!

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Ice Axe Leashes


To use one or not to use one, that is the topic of this article! (I know, sorry) The many times I have been on climbs and I still debate about leashes. they do have several great advantages, if you drop your axe whilst fiddling around placing gear, it's not going to go far, and if you're using the axe for cutting steps they provide a lot of [more]

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Ice Screws - How to Place Them, A Beginners Guide.


Well, your ready to hit the frozen hills, you have your shiny new axes and a full rack of screws - lucky you! but, how do you place an ice screw? will it be similar to placing gear in trad climbing, will it be some what self explanatory and instinctive? unfortunately, no. Placing ice screws can become the bane [more]

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3 Characteristics About An Ice Tool for Technical Climbing


Technical ice climbing is different to rock climbing because you are not able to use your hands to grip onto the icy surface. For this reason it is important you have a good tool like the Grivel Air Tech Evo which grips onto the slippery surface of the ice for you. In this article I will discuss 3 things you should know...[more]

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Vital Climbing Gear


When going climbing, it is vital that you have the right gear. Whether ice climbing, mountain climbing, or simply climbing a wall for the fun of it, you are going to be putting yourself in harm's way. Even the most experienced climbers have slipped and fallen to their deaths, which is why having the right gear is vital. [more]

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Obtaining The Perfect Ice Climbing Gear


There are several unique sports winning popularity and one of them is ice climbing. It's imperative to be ready before you head out onto the glacier or icepack to complete the climbing experience. You need to have the pertinent ice climbing gear in order to be successful. Protecting your [more]

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Choosing the Right Mountain Climbing Gear


Since rock climbing is more than a simple walk in the woods you will want to bring the proper mountain climbing equipment. With the right equipment you can weather the challenges. To help you select the proper gear we have compiled a list of must have gear... [more]

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Training for Rock Climbing

Finally a Proven Plan to Help You Become a Better, Stronger
and More Technical Rock Climber...

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Climb 3 Grades Harder

“How a Middle-Aged, Average Climber from Sheffield Accidentally Discovered a Formula for Climbing Success...

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Avalanche Ski Training

Discover a Surefire Skier Workout System That Will Turn Your Legs Into Pillars of Steel That Can Ski All Day Long and Dominate the Slopes...