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Dry Tooling - An Introduction


Where to start with dry tooling, well I suppose this specialization of ice climbing began when equipment became advanced enough to allow climbers to attempt ice routes, that under normal circumstances would have been untouchable. Modern gear a revolutionised the sport and dry tooling is the ultimate mix of both ice climbing [more]

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Abalakov Threads


So you're on an ice climb and shock and horror you drop your ice screws, or more likely, you're on an ice climb and couldn't afford a full rack of ice screws as there so dam expensive, what do you do? Well if the ice is thick enough to take a long screw (about 20cm) then you can construct an Abalakov thread, which only requires [more]

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8 Important Climbing Terms


One of the most enjoyed sports by people is rock climbing, I would like to cover several rock climbing important terms in this article. Rock climbing terms are used to refer to particular equipment and techniques and knowledge is essential for communication. You will find here many useful tips regarding this terms... [more]

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The Buried Axe Winter Climbing Belay


So continuing on the theme of winter protection techniques I want to talk about the buried ice axe (t- slot) belay technique.
This can be used on assents and descents, and is normally only used in situations where the prospects for other types protection are close to nil. To set up the buried [more]

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Learn To Climb On Snow Or Ice


One of the most dangerous, yet exciting sport is ice climbing. It's actually an offshoot of mountain or rock climbing; the only difference is everything around you is covered with ice. People may wonder why others would want to engage in such a sport and risk their lives when there are less [more]

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The Basics of Ice Climbing


Ice climbing is similar in some ways to rock climbing in that it involves techniques for handling a vertical or nearly vertical ascent - however, while many of the methods and even some of the gear used for ice climbing is similar to that of rock climbing, ice climbing has some special differences due to the nature of ice. [more]

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Training for Rock Climbing

Finally a Proven Plan to Help You Become a Better, Stronger
and More Technical Rock Climber...

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Climb 3 Grades Harder

“How a Middle-Aged, Average Climber from Sheffield Accidentally Discovered a Formula for Climbing Success...

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Avalanche Ski Training

Discover a Surefire Skier Workout System That Will Turn Your Legs Into Pillars of Steel That Can Ski All Day Long and Dominate the Slopes...