Ice Climbing is such a big subject and quite frankly we needed a section to put all those extra articles on ice climbing.

This section of the site will have info on all things that concern Ice Climbing and Ice Climbers. we will add regular articles and updates including video footage to inspire your Ice Climbing Adventures.

Get out there and swing your axes!

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Let us know if you have achieved a great new Ice Route or succeeded on a climb and have some great shots, and we will pop them into this section for you.

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The Ice Axe Self Arrest


The Self arrest is probably the most important climbing technique you can learn before you start to ice and snow climb.
This series of braking moves has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of climbers since its development and is a must to know. A slip on snow and ice can rapidly turn into a dangerous fall and this [more]

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Crevasse Rescue


Once you make a move from winter climbing the UK to full blown Alpine adventures, you need to learn the skills and purchase the gear to perform a crevasse rescue, both

as the rescuer and unfortunate victim. The nature of Alpine climbing and Ice Climbing involves movement over glaciers, and [more]

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Climbing water ice and alpine ice are two chief forms of ice climbing


The term expedition is used for this outdoor activity in the gigantic Himalayan region, such as climbing on Mount Everest. This sport since its inception is very challenging and daunting in nature as the climbers seek to reach the pinnacle point with their climbing skills. [more]

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What Makes An Ice Climber?


Ice climbing is not for the faint at heart. This exhilarating and dangerous sport takes participants into some of nature’s fiercest and most beautiful elements and requires strength, stamina and the willingness to stay outside for long periods of time in below-freezing weather. Many ice climbers describe the experience as [more]

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How to Begin Glacier Climbing


knowledge of glacier climbing is essential as climbing glaciers often form a part of reaching a summit. For others, the thrill derives from glacier climbing for its own sake. If you're a beginner, you are strongly advised to learn under a guide, to attend an ice climbing school, or to practice with very experienced [more]

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Ice climbing


Know About Ice climbing Do you get excited by the name of some adventure sports? Climbing the high ice mountains at extremely low temperature is certainly going to enthuse the people. Here comes the most enthralling holiday idea for you. If one plans an exciting holiday on ice climbing then one should also be ready to face [more]

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Ice and Mixed Climbing

The quintesential Guide to all things Ice and Mixed Climbing. If you only get one book on Ice Climbing, make it this one...

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Winter Climbing Skills

This is a reference manual for mountaineers and those who wish to instruct, coach and lead others. We highly recomend this book...

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Lake District Winter Climbs

This winter climbing guide in the Lake District is a joint production by the Fell and Rock Climbing Club and Cicerone Press. A must have...