Mountaineering is the accumulation of all the climbing disciplines as well as planning and weather forecasting skills, logistics and a lot of determination. Oh and as all mountaineers will tell you a very bad memory!

Ice Climbing is one part and essential skill of mountaineering and in this section of the site we look at what happens when you put everything together and push of on a glorious expeditions to summit a mountain.

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let us know about your own mountain experiences and if you ant us to write up a few words about a location or mountain, we will be more than happy to!

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Traveling over Wet Glaciers


Traveling over a wet glacier (that's a glacier covered in snow) is a part of every day alpine life. It can be extremely hazardous and there are a few techniques and skills to learn to help you navigate and stay safe on your way to and from an alpine

climb. First make sure you cover up , your arms and legs and wear gloves, it may [more]

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Going Mountain Climbing In The Winter


If you're considering attempting mountain climbing during winter, here's what you should know before hitting the sports shops for crampons and other ice climbing tools. If you don't come from a place that's visited by winter, make sure that you spend an adequate time allowing [more]

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Adventure of Mountaineering and Ice Climbing


Want to climb the towering steeps of snow, then visit India. The Himalayan ranges in the country is a perfect place for adventure lovers. The revered Himalayan stretch is adorned with bountiful physical and cultural wonder. The sky touching snow peaks, thick forested... [more]

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The Techniques Of Mountain Climbing


If you're looking for a fun, enjoyable and exciting way to use up your free time, you can try mountain climbing. Studies show though that avid mountaineers are those who have no family, friends or loved ones. Why? Because this is a risky sport to engage in. If you've fully decided to [more]

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Mountain Climbing, Mountaineering or Alpining


Even the appearance of a mountain range can send your heart into a flutter. The higher the peak the more awe it generates and the greater the challenge to some who simply have to get up there with it. The thought of climbing its slopes, or skiing its snow covered runs, of [more]




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Ice and Mixed Climbing

The quintesential Guide to all things Ice and Mixed Climbing. If you only get one book on Ice Climbing, make it this one...

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Winter Climbing Skills

This is a reference manual for mountaineers and those who wish to instruct, coach and lead others. We highly recomend this book...

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Lake District Winter Climbs

This winter climbing guide in the Lake District is a joint production by the Fell and Rock Climbing Club and Cicerone Press. A must have...